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Fly to Manchester (MAN) from Tenerife (TFS)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Tenerife South Airport to Manchester

We've answered below some of the questions asked regarding flights from Tenerife to Manchester.

Which dates can I fly to Manchester from Tenerife in 2018?

Flylolo can fly you direct to Manchester from Tenerife during the summer, starting on 18 July 2018 and the last flight on the 5 September. We are then operating Christmas flights starting 21 December, with the last flight on the 5 January.

Are you scheduling any flights to Tenerife for summer 2019?

Flylolo are currently planning their flight schedule for Tenerife South summer departures.

How long is the flight from Tenerife South to Manchester Airport?

The direct flight take approximately 4 hours 35 minutes.

Is it possible to book a one-way flight from Tenerife South to Manchester?

Yes, simply select "One Way" instead of "Round Trip" and then choose the date you want to fly in the departure date box. You can then proceed with the booking in the normal way.

Which terminal will my flight depart from at Tenerife?

Please ensure you go to Tenerife South Airport, not Tenerife North. There is just 1 terminal. Look at the display screens which will show you which desk to proceed to for checking in.