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Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Tenerife

We've answered below some of the questions asked by customers regarding flights from Tenerife in The Canary Islands.

When are Flylolo flights to London Gatwick from Tenerife South?

We are flying over Christmas and New Year in 2018 on Friday 28 December, departing Tenerife on Friday morning at 06:45, arriving London Gatwick at 11:00 (times are local).

There is also a flight from Tenerife to Gatwick on Saturday 29 December 2018. This departs Tenerife on Saturday morning at 02:05 arriving into Gatwick at 06:20.

We also have 2 flights departing Tenerife on Friday 4 January. One departs Tenerife at 01:00, arriving Gatwick 05:15 and the other at 11:25 arriving Gatwick 15:40 (again all times are local). Please note that all our departures from Tenerife are from Tenerife South Airport

How long is the flight to London Gatwick from Tenerife South?

The direct flight from Tenerife South takes approxinmately 4 hours 15 minutes.

Can I book a one-way flight from Tenerife?

Yes, that's not a problem. Just place in the search box that you want a one way trip and you will be shown the price. You can book online in the usual way, and you will be sent your documents by email.

Which terminal will my flight depart from at Tenerife?

Please ensure you go to Tenerife South Airport, not Tenerife North. There is just 1 terminal. Look at the display screens which will show you which desk to proceed to for checking in.