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Fly to Skopelos from Southampton

You will need to book a flight to Skiathos from Southampton in order to get to the neighbouring island of Skopelos. Use the search box to select your dates and number of passengers to check out our best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Southampton

We've answered below some of the questions asked by customers regarding flights from Southampton in the UK.

When are Flylolo flights to Skiathos from Southampton in 2018?

Flights depart Southampton on a Tuesday afternoon at 15:00 arriving into Skiathos, Greece at 20:20 (times are local). The first flight from Southampton is on 3 July, and the last flight arriving into Skiathos is on the 2 October.

When are Flylolo flights to Skiathos from Southampton in 2019?

Flylolo will be flying twice weekly in 2019. Commencing 28 June 2019, flights depart Southampton at 06:30, arriving Skiathos at 11:45 (every Friday with final arrival on the 4 October). We will also be flying every Tuesday to Skiathos from Southampton commencing 2 July 2019 with the final arrival into Southampton on the 1 October. Again, Tuesday flights will depart Southampton at 06:30, arriving Skiathos 11:45.

How long is flight to Skiathos from Southampton?

The direct flight takes approximately 3 hours 20 minutes.

Can I book a one-way flight from Southampton to Skiathos?

Yes. Simply adjust the search box to show that you want a one way trip and you will be shown the price. You can book online in the usual way and be sent your documents by email.

I see Flylolo charter Flybe to Skiathos, but I can't book direct with Flybe - why is that?

Flylolo operate this direct flight to Skiathos from Southampton on a full charter basis. This means that seats can only be booked via Flylolo, not via Flybe.

I wanted to book a flight London to Skiathos - how far is Southampton Airport from London?

Great news! Southampton Airport Parkway railway station is just 66 minutes from London Waterloo making Southampton airport within easy reach of London. Clapham Junction is only 64 minutes from Southampton Airport. To help you, the system at Southampton Airport provides you with up-to-the-minute live transport updates for the rail network. You can find screens in the arrivals hall and at the help point. Plus, the train station is just 99 steps from the main terminal - couldn't be easier.

What is my luggage allowance for my flight to Skiathos?

You can book your checked-in luggage online when you make your flight reservation. In fact, you will save money this way with our early bird discounts. However, if you decide at a later date that you need to take luggage, or wish to upgrade your luggage weight, just send an email to us at giving us your booking reference and we get in contact with you to arrange this. Of course, each passenger is entitled to 5kgs hand luggage which you are able to take with you into the cabin.
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