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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve seats?

Not at the moment, we are working to introduce a seat reservation system and bring that on line by May 2019. We do have a guarantee that as long as you check-in on time (2 hours before) you will be sat together.


How do I check-in?

We do not have online check-in at the moment, check-in is at the check-in desk at the airport. We recommend you do this 2 hours before departure, All seats and boarding passes are issued at the check-in desk.


My Baggage?

If you book your bags at the time of booking you will receive a £5 early bird discount per bag per direction. if you don’t book your bags at the time then the charge is 10kgs = £15 one-way, 15kgs = £20 one-way, 20kgs = £25 oneway , 25kgs = £75 one-way, 30kgs = £105 one-way, 32kgs = £117 one-way. If you don’t book at the time of booking, we can add baggage in to your booking, either ring us on 08444 720 737 or email us, we will confirm and then have a telephone call to take payment. Manage my booking facility will soon be able to handle this soon


Hand Baggage, whats my allowance?

Everyone gets 5kgs had baggage free of charge, that can be made up by two bags One bag for the overhead locker with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm and a smaller bag that can fit under the seat in fron. It’s a strict condition that you do not breach these conditions. If you do you may be charged to put a bag into the hold.


How do I update passport details

Go to to update your passport details



We issue a provisional ticket at the time of booking, within 3 weeks of departure we will issue a final ticket in PDF format, just print these off and present at the Check-in desk. You can use a screen version if you are unable to print off. All names are passed to the airline 48 hrs before departure in the final manifest. So the airline will have your details at check-in. Ensure you have your Passport or ID


Do I get a meal on board?

No, but you can buyfood and drinks on board


What’s the Child discounts?

For Departures from Southampton we offer £25 for children to the age of 2-15years old, for other departure points the discount is £13 infants are £40 return or £20 one-way.


Unaccompanied children what age can they fly.

Unaccompanied children can fly from the age of 14 years old, but we strongly recommend that they are taken to the airport and picked up from the airport.


Wheelchair assistance special requests

Please always inform us when you or one of your party requires a wheelchair. There is no charge. Please advise us at the time of booking or shortly after. We will not refuse to carry any customers with reduced mobility except where they cannot safely be carried or cannot physically be accommodated. For example due to aircraft types where particular aircraft have restrictions.. If we should refuse to carry a passenger, we will explain clearly and explicitly the reason for refusal. Please advise us of any specific needs at least 72 hours in advance so we can arrange the necessary equipment and staff. Wheelchair passengers are classified in three different ways: WCHR – Passengers who can ascend and descend steps and move in the aircraft cabin but who require a wheelchair for distance to/from the aircraft WCHS – Passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps, where the wheelchair is required to/from the aircraft and the passenger must be carried up/down the steps but is able to make their own way to/from cabin seat WCHC – Passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up/down the steps and to/from their cabin seat. Please let us know if the passenger is providing their own wheelchair and be as specific as possible regarding their requirements. There are two types of wheelchairs which we can accept for travel: those with spillable batteries and those with non-spillable batteries. Please note that we can provide a lift-on facility for all passengers of 18.5 stones or below. WCHC and WCHS services are unavailable on certain smaller aircraft. On shorthaul services a maximum number of WCHS/WCHC can be accommodated at one time. Please offer your passengers alternative flights if wheelchairs cannot be confirmed. Companions providing assistance will be required if a passenger cannot independently:

Reach an emergency exit unaided

Go to the toilet unaided

Unfasten a seat belt

Retrieve and fit a life jacket

Fit an oxygen mask.