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Fly to Southampton (SOU) from Burgas (BOJ)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Bourgas (Burgas)

We've answered below some of the questions asked by customers regarding flights from Burgas in Bulgaria.

When are Flylolo flights to Southampton from Bourgas in 2019?

Commencing 30 June 2019, flights depart Bourgas on Sunday afternoons at 14:15, arriving Southampton 15:35 with final arrival into Southampton on the 29 September 2019 (times are local).

How long is the flight to Southampton from Bourgas?

The direct flight from Bourgas takes approximately 3 hours 20 minutes.

Can I book a one-way flight from Bourgas?

Yes, that's not a problem. Just place in the search box that you want a one way trip and you will be shown the price. You can book online in the usual way, and you will be sent your documents by email.