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Fly Direct to Skopelos via Skiathos

About Skopelos

The island of Skopelos is to the east of Skiathos (our direct flight to Skiathos from Southampton will be your nearest airport). Then it's just a short hop (approximately 30 minutes) via ferry to Skopelos.

Best Beaches in Skopelos

The Mamma Mia island of Skopelos has some wonderful beaches, and the fact that the island played host to the movie can only confirm the beauty of the island. Here's just some of the best beaches in Skopelos.
Milia Beach : In the north of Skopelos, amidst the pine tree forests you will find the beautiful beach of Milia which is 1km long and has lovely white sand, and crystal clear blue water. A perfect place to swim and snorkel, and when you tire of the sun you can escape to the shade beneath the pines - or simply hire sunbeds and parasols.
Kastani Beach : Located next to Milia Beach, Kastani Beach was used in the Mamma Mia movie. Again, surrounded by pine trees, the Kastrani Beach can be reached via a small track where you will find a car park and a beach bar. An ideal location to spend the day swimming but ensure you take something to lie on as you won't find sunbeds or parasols here to rent.
New Klima Beach : Also known as Neo Klima or Eios, this is a beach of pebbles and sand where you will find a selection of tavernas and bar with a new marina.
Armenopetra Beach : To reach Armenopetra Beach you will need to either walk (or swim) from New Klima Beach. Although it's not recommended, the road is very steep and narrow. Take care as the water here is very cold due to an underwater spring close to the beach - although on a very hot day it's very refreshing.
Limnonari Beach : This beach has a sheletered cove with steep hills either side of the bay leading down to the calm sea. The beach itself is a mix of sand and pebbles with the first section of the beach being shallow but then leading to a shelf and deep water. You will find a selection of sunbeds and parasols on Limnonari Beach which can be rented, and there is a taverna here where you can while away a few hours over lunch with a cold beer or welcome glass of wine.
Perivoliou Beach : Located near to Glossa, Perivoliou can be reached via a tarmac road, then a small footpath with steps. A lovely beach with clear blue water and impressive rocks casting shadows on the beach where you can escape the sun. The beach can be affected by north winds.
Hondrogiorgis Beach : Only 1.5km from the resort of Glossa is Hongrogiorgis Beach, this is not a well known beach but has easy access via a dirt road and is used mostly by local families. Ideal for those who like open spaces, but be aware that there are no facilities here so you will need to take your own snacks and water, as well as something to lie on.
Spilia Beach : You'll first notice this beach when you come town towards Agios Ioannis (St John's Castle). Before you get to the Castle, is the Church of the Virgin from where you will find a dirt road. It's probably best to walk from here down to the stunning beach and cave.
Agios Ioannis Beach : Where the Mamma Mia chapel can be found, it's approximately 6km from Glossa from where you can either take the hour's walk or better still get a taxi.
Vathias Beach : An enclosed and scenic sandy cove locted in the north of Skopelos with clear water, this tends to be a fairly quiet location mainly to the fact that it's accessible via a long dirt track.
Panormos Beach : Located approximately 12km northwest of Skopelos Town, this sandy beach is closed in a stunninb bay and comprises two small islets. Quite a popular location with beautiful surroundings within a lush green setting.

Resorts in Skopelos

Glossa Village : This is a typical white-washed Greek village located approximately 25km from Chora (the capitalof Skopelos). Glossa has an ancient amphitheatre situated 225m up the mountain. Head to the attractive port where you will find a selectin of tavernas selling the catch of the day landed by local fishermen. Here you will find the local ferry port where you can catch their services to neighbouring islands (in particular to Skiathos where the nearest airport is located).
Agnontas : This is a beach village with a small port, and is the alternative ferry port to Glossa with both ferryboats and hydrofoils.
Panormos : The resort is close to the beach where you will find a good selection of tradtional tavernas, restaurants and local shops.
Stafylos : A village located 4km south of the main town of Skopelos. Here you will find a bay and hotels accessible by the local bus, private car or on foot.
Beaches near to Glossa tend to be not easily accessible, but well worth the effort if it's rugged beaches you're seeking.

Weather in Skopelos

The best time to take a holiday in Skopelos is June through to the end of September during which temperatures will be at their hottest. The spring is also a very pleasant time to visit as it's slightly cooler.
Although you can get a direct flight to Skopelos, flights to Skiathos are available during the summer months of July through to the beginning of October. The annual averages for weather in Skopelos during the summer months are :
High Temperature Degrees Centigrade : June 26 degrees, July 28 degrees, August 28 degrees, September 25 degrees, October 20 degrees
Daily Sunshine Hours : June 12 hours, July 13 hours, August 12 hours, September 10 hours, October 7 hours
Average Sea Temperature Centigrade : June 21 degrees, July 24 degrees, August 24 degrees, September 23 degrees, October 21 degrees

Similar Destinations to Skopelos

Islands within the immediate vicinity include Alonnisos and Skiathos. For both islands, you would still take one of our direct flights to Skiathos from Southampton and then take a ferry to the neighbouring island of Alonnisos.
If you'd like a holiday in Skopelos, then the first steps is to book your flights to Skiathos from Southampton, and hop on a ferry to Skopelos. You'll need to stay overnight in Skiathos and then catch the ferry the next morning to Skopelos, and then return to Skiathos on the day of the return flight.
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