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Financial Protection
Your Financial Protection

You can absolutely be guaranteed and assured your money is safe, Ltd holds ATOL no 11256 all your monies are protected in a CAA Trust Account which will be overseen by a Professional Trustee of Professional Trustee’s to Travel Limited. All monies received by us is paid into this account and paid directly to the supplier airline by the Trustee’s. Your Money is absolutely guaranteed and underwritten by the Air Travel Trust fund. We have also issued you a SAFI policy (Scheduled Flight Insurance) covering against the financial collapse of your airline. The insurance is mandatory and the premium of £2.00 has been added to your invoice and is separately identified on the confirmation invoice in addition a ATOL fee of £2.50 per person has been added to cover the costs of the ATOL protection. If we collapse for any reason your money is refunded directly from the Trust Fund, If the airline collapses then the insurance company will repay you, the consumer. Either way the Air Travel Trust fund underwrites all financial protection. The Professional Trustee is continually monitoring your money whilst it's in the Trust account and acting as your guardian.

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